Making accessibility for the differently able

Making accessibility for the differently able

Assist Life Stage Transition

We recognize the important choice and control in the life for people with a disability and their families,  at Breaking Barriers Disability Service we work with these people to identify their priorities and desired approach for service delivery.

Our Assistance with life stages transition services includes working with clients and their families to prepare schedules for daily, weekly and longer‐term support and assisting them at all stages in the achievement of their goals.

Community Nursing

Our Nursing team provides community-based medical aid, nursing care, treatment and support focused on delivering a service that is crafted around each individual’s choices.

Recognizing that each person with a disability has unique needs, we offer services that aim to provide an array of support options to help them make the best decision.

Assist Personal Activities

Assistance with daily living includes providing support for regular personal activities and supervision of personal daily tasks.

Breaking Barriers Disability Service is all about providing reliable and respectful support to ensure that our client’s daily are met on time.

Daily Task Shared Living

People with disabilities do best when they live in homes that are designed for their unique interests and needs.

Shared Living creates new and enduring relationships that provide an ideal foundation for learning, encouraging self-esteem, and fostering interdependence.

Short Term Accommodation

Breaking Barriers Disability Services also provide STA (Respite) to our participants. We can provide this service in our homes our at a resort, giving both families and participants a deserved break… that we all need.

Participate Community

We understand the importance and need for our clients to take part actively in their community social and civic activities so as to live life meaningfully.

Understanding the importance of natural supports, individuality, respect, and choice, we encourage people to build relationships, actively participate in the community, and pursue their goals.

1300 598 425

1300 598 425

What others say about us

“There are loads of providers that talk a good game but Breaking Barriers Disability Services really do what they say they will do.  After I had my stroke, I found my life totally turned upside down.  But the staff and the support workers are making a real difference.  Breaking Barriers are truly person centred and respectful of my culture.  I have choice and control as to how I want to be supported and I am continually encouraged to reach for my goals to have my best life.”

“Breaking Barriers Disability Services stand out from the rest.  I am currently being supported for every day living skills as well as community access.  This gives me the opportunity to do the things I really want to do while having the help I need.  The staff have been a wonderful support to me and will go above and beyond to ensure I am always happy with their services.  I feel they are focused on me and will match support workers to my interests and needs.  I am so grateful to be able to have them – the small things they do make a big difference to me.”

I Inge De Vita have been using BBDS for the care of my husband Antonio De Vita, who’s in need of 24/7 care in our home. I highly recommend BBDS for the care and services they provide.

All the support workers are outstanding, professional, kind and caring.

BBDS and support workers go beyond to ensure the care of my husband.

To who it may concern,

We have been using the services of Breaking Barriers for the last 10 months to support my son Kaiden. Before finding Breaking Barriers I was given the run around from a lot of different companies that could not accommodate Kaidens needs or the times that were required for him to be picked up and dropped off at school.  As soon as I talked to Breaking Barriers they were very welcoming and have always been able to help out and adjust times and days when needed.

All staff from Breaking Barriers have always conducted themselves with professionalism and given Kaiden the respect and dignity he deserves. I can’t put in words how much breaking Barriers have helped in our lives and have even given me the confidence to attend a TAFE course and become a disability support worker myself.

1300 598 425

1300 598 425